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Verse One


Hello there ! First of all I would like to thank you guys for visiting my website. This site has received a huge traffic for the past few months which is come to my surprise because this site isn't complete yet eventhough I have built it for about a year now . I have been busy with my studies so I haven't had much time to search for the materials to put in this website. One more thing I'd like to stress out here is that I'm not a brunei citizen... I AM MALAYSIAN. I built this homepage just to pay respect to His Majesty and I also admire the way His Majesty reign Brunei. For those who have any information or materials concerning His Majesty can send to me at . I think that's all for now and have a nice day!!!


Faizal m. zain

Verse two


So here's something that you should read and remember about me!!!

Name : faizal m. zain

Nick : Sultan98 ... well this nick is only applicable

In irc only.

Channel: #junction, #kampung, #20something,

#Brunei etc, etc.

Server: undernet

My ear accept: all kind of music esp. alternative

And grunge but I listen to hip-hop

As well.

First existence on earth: may 11, 1978.

Long live: as long as my birth certificate.

r.i.p: superunknown.




Ó Faizal's Creation 98